Nitriding Salt : Meproche N4 and Meproche N2

Nitriding process is suitable for components/parts which have been finally machined and a hard case is to be imparted on them without distortions.

This is achieved by formation of hard nitrides of iron on the top surfaces. However the layer of nitrides insulate further penetrations and therefore the case depth achievable is low and the process time is long.

MEPROCHE N-4 is a specially designed salt for nitriding components by salt-bath technique, which is much cheaper than gas-nitriding equipments. MEPROCHE N-2 is a salt which is added in the bath of Meproche N-4 base bath, to increase the percentage of cyanates, which get consumed.
Hence Meproche N-4 is a base salt and Meproche N-2 is a replenishment salt.